Cresaptown Sportsman Club

Revised January 1, 2017

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The following are guidelines and regulations which are binding and subject to change thru proper channels. The Cresaptown Sportsman's Club will meet on the 2nd Sunday of every month at noon at the Cresaptown Eagles. Membership will be valid yearly from July 1 through June 30. Anyone who wishes to be considered for membership may apply from the March meeting to November meeting. Existing members must pay by September meeting, dues paid in September, October, and November, a $10 late fee will be assessed or dropped from membership. Sportsman's Club will be limited to 250 paid hunting members. Anyone interested in joining the Sportsman's Club can download an applications from the website. No guest will be authorized on club grounds during hunting season (Except military personnel).


Regular Membership ----------------------------- $140.00
Senior Hunter ---------------------------------------------- $65.00

Junior Hunter ------------------------------------------------ $90.00
Youth Hunter ------------------------------------------------ $25.00

Active Military Members ---------------------------------------- $0.00

Senior Membership:
For members 65 years of age or older.
Joining at the age of 62 you must pay regular membership dues ($100.00 for 3 years). Joining at the age of 65, you must pay regular membership dues of $100 for 2 years.

Junior Membership:
Is Considered as anyone who is 18-21 years of age. The dues are based on Maryland hunting ages. (Effective March 2014)

Youth Membership:
Is anyone under the age of 18 and must accompany by a member 21 years or older.

Military Membership:
Spouse or siblings that is active military of a paid member.


The Sportsman's Club will elect to office the following positions:

Vice President
Trustees (3)

Committee members will be determined as needed and addressed at that time.

Election of officers will be conducted as follows:

During the October, November meeting, nominations for office will be taken and recorded.
During the November meeting, a ballot vote for the officers will be taken.

Voting Requirements:

To be eligible for office, you must be a member for 1 year and in good standing.


All paid members are to pick up their membership cards and keys at a monthly meeting.


All members are to provide an up to date mailing address and phone number yearly and sign a release form when dues are paid. This will allow members to be contacted for upcoming votes and have a Newsletter mailed with upgrades and changes.
Gate keys will be changed as deemed needed. Any member that has lost a gate key and wants one replaced will be charged a $10 replacement fee. Keys to the gate will not be given to any non-member. Any member who loans their key to any non-member will be subject to disciplinary action. All members will be requilred to have their Membership Cards on them at all times while on Club grounds. It is the responsibility of all members to be pro-active and challenge individualy on the grounds that you do not know. That individual must produce a Membership Card and Hunting License. If they are not produced, ask them to leave the grounds and record any information.
A copy of existing By-Laws will be given to all members.


Changes to ByLaws, Club, or Ground Rules:

Any motion made to change anything major about the club or club rules must be read at two meetings once a motion has been made. After two meetings all members will be notified of an upcoming vote and proposed change.

There will be disciplinary actions will be taken to all violators of club rules.
All violations will be handled by executive officers.
There will be no free dues for anyone in this club unless voted on by executive committee of the club.
All money expenditures will be voted on by the body of the club.
All deer harvests must be called into the club President or emailed to the web site.
There will be no alcoholic beverage or intoxicated members on the grounds during hunting season. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Members must abide by Maryland State Game and Fishing Regulations, unless specified by rules of the Sportsman's Club.
There will be no permanent tree stands on Club grounds.
There will be no cutting of live trees on Club grounds. (On other property, written permission must be obtained to cut any wood.)
Please take all targets, spent shells, etc.. with you when leaving.
Salt, mineral blocks, and automatic feeders are permitted.
No members have the authority to mark territory on the Club ground. We do ask that each member respect other hunters.
Doe kill for the upcoming deer season shall be determined on an annual basis during the July meeting.


Antlered deer must be four point or greater. No does will be killed except for youth members or by permit. Youth members 17 years or younger may take either buck or doe. Youth members must be accompanied by a licensed unarmed adult 21 years of age or older per Maryland laws. Youth will be the persons permitted to kill does duting hunting season and limited to one (1) doe per season with their choice of tool of conservation. Those youth that take the doe must notify the club through the website or call the President @ 301-697-9135.

Campers will be authorized one week prior to the opening of firearm season and must be removed one week after the closing of the late muzzle loader season. All campers must be registered with Club President.
All off-road vehicles must display current year's sticker.
There will be no casual riding from the first day of rifle season until the last day of muzzle loader season, including the 3 day early muzzle loader season.
If you are stopped, you are obligated to show your up-to-date permit signed by any Executive Officer.
The only time a non-member is allowed on the grounds is during a Club function, such as fundraising or if he or she wants to donate their time to help with maintainence on club grounds.
Bikes must have valid yearly stickers displaying at all times.
All Campers must check in with any Executive Officer before camping, via phone or email.


The shooting range will be for the use of Sportsman's Club members only. If you are using it, please do not distroy our range or shoot up our signs. This range was designed especially for the youth kid to help them with hunter safety. Our club sponsors hunter safety classes at least two times per year, and we would be happy to make you a member, so please help us make this range a success for our futures.
The range will be closed for one full week prior to rifle season. This includes the Saturday before opening day. It will also close during the youth hunt and the muzzle loader seasons. This rule will be enforced or the range will be closed.
There will be no use of fully automatic weapons or machine guns at our range. No shooting of glass bottles, plastic bottles, or cans. The 25,50,75 and 100 yard range is for rifles, hand guns, and shot guns using slugs for deer hunting. Do not place targets on the posts. Do not place any targets in the outside uprights of any target back stop. We don't want this part of the back stop shot up. Please clean up all trash and targets when leaving. Remove all targets and take them with you. Any member under the age of 21 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult member at all times. Hearing and eye protection must be worn at all times on the range. Remember Safety First: Before firing your weapon, please inform everyone at the range and make sure that your weapon is on safe and that it is unloaded with the action open. All vehicles will be parked below range in parking area. At no time should a vehicle be parked on the range.
No alcoholic beverages will be permitted on or around range; this will guarantee your termination from the club when gun is present.